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ハワイ入りしているBede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)ブログが ASP ニュース「Bede’s Blog: Resetting, Hawaii and the ASP World Title Race」でも取り上げられてました。

Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ) HawaiiBede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ) Hawaii

Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)

I want to also do well to finish off a season that has also had its high moments despite those string of 13ths! My greatest moment so far this year would have to be that heat with Adam Melling out at Cloudbreak. I’ll never forget that experience. The waves were so big. And paddling out there on a borrowed board to the back ledge – not knowing where to sit or what waves to catch – definitely got the adrenalin pumping. We are so fortunate to have Fiji back on our schedule.

The tour is in good hands at the moment and there are many exciting things to come in the years ahead. But for now, onto the Triple Crown and that World Title showdown at Pipe.

from Bede’s Blog – Hawaii

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