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Bede’s Blog: Slumps, Europe and the Forthcoming Pipe Masters

Mt Woodgee Surfboards ライダー Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)
Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)

ハワイの Billabong Pipe Master に向けて地元で集中し今までのスランプから抜け出す為に色々思考していたそうです。
ゲイリーエルカートンやシェイパーのウェィン、Mt Woodgee オーナーのニック、コーチのディデー、トレイナーのウェスからアドバイスを受け、フォームが悪くスランプになってたが、そこ克服方法を見いだしたと書いております。

I’m talking about guys like “Elko” (Gary Elkerton), Wayne McKewen my shaper, Nick, my mentor at Mt Woodgee, Dadee Taylor who helps with my coaching and Wes who helps with my training. They quickly got me to understand some key things. One was that form slumps are temporary. If you’re good enough, they come to an end. Every athlete has them. The key is to learn from the experience and channel it.

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But that was of little consolation to me. I had learned the hard way that my aggression levels need to stay up.

I took that into Portugal and it helped immensely Against Mick, when I scored the third 10-point ride of my career, I knew as soon as I saw the wave that it was a 10. I’d put myself in the best position to get it. I knew what I had to do on it and I knew I could make it.

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ビード・ダービッジ Rip Curl Pro PORTUGAL R3H8 © ASP/ Cestari
ビード・ダービッジ Rip Curl Pro PORTUGAL R3H8 © ASP/ Cestari
Bede Durbidge’s Perfect 10 in Heat 8 of Round 3


Nailing those opportunities reinforced and reminded me that I have what it takes to compete at the highest level. Wayne and I have been working on some subtle changes to my equipment and I’m frothing over the thought of how they’re going to go. Elko has been training me hard and applying the psychology and other things are coming together too.

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Mt Woodgee Surfboards ライダー Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)
Mt Woodgee Surfboards ライダー Bede Durbidge(ビード・ダービッジ)

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